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Our mission is to serve as a global focal point for all professionals of the international drilling community to share ideas, technology and resources for a common goal: SAFETY!


Drill-Safe.com is a drilling specific safety resource designed to continually update important safety information necessary to ensure the consistency of standards around the world. We encourage you to explore this website and input any information you believe will help create a safer work environment for your colleagues; we are all on the same team and need to work together. Drill-Safe's initiative is to keep you up to date with current drilling safety news, alerts and events, provide educational resources, give you the platform to voice your safety message, and to encourage a proactive safety culture continent to continent!

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Drilling Contractors of All Industries
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Equipment Manufacturers
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Everyone is Welcome, Regardless of Your Industry

Why Should You Join?

WORKER SAFETY is our primary goal.

The more diverse our pool of contributors, the more comprehensive this resource will be for everyone. If you believe that your Health & Safety program works just fine, then that is all the more reason to explore and contribute so that you can share your practices and procedures with others. We look forward to your input and hope we can help you to Drill-Safe!



International Drilling Safety Conference 2009

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Drill-Safe Features:

Designed From Member Input
Links Safety Resources, Industry to Industry
Safety Program Consultancy
Translate Into Any Language
Voice Your Event / Safety Message
Ensure Your Company Is Operating With The Most Current Drilling Safety Information Available
Proceeds go towards the Dan Grieves Memorial Safety Award for the Resources Drilling & Blasting Program at Sir Sanford Fleming College