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Erath man dies on offshore rig

Drill-Safe An Erath man was killed while working on a drilling rig in Mozambique. 35-year-old Joshua Punch was working on the Deepwater Millennium drillship owned by Transocean. The accident happened Saturday around 6:20 central time. The drillship is conducting testing operations of an Anadarko Petroleum Corporation discovery off the coast. Punch was a contract employee working with HTK Consultants. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

New regulations in Geothermal Drilling

Drill-Safe Ontario is strengthening the regulation of vertical closed loop drilling for geothermal energy systems, with new rules that take effect immediately. The province is improving public health and safety by requiring geothermal installers to: Obtain provincial approval for vertical closed loop geothermal systems Consult with a certified geoscientist or engineer before drilling Develop an emergency plan before drilling The Ministry of the Environment will consult with industry stakeholders in the coming months on the new regulations. The ministry will also be conducting inspections to ensure installers are meeting safety standards.

North Sea Disaster

Drill-Safe Gas leaking from a North Sea platform forced the evacuation of a second rig Tues-day, as the coast guard banned ships and aircraft from travel-ling within kilometres of the accident.
French oil giant Total, which operates the stricken Elgin plat-form 241 kilometres off Aberdeen on Scotland's east coast, said the leak was the most serious problem it had faced in the North Sea in a decade.

Oil Drilling Rig Capsized

An oil drilling rig with 67 crewDrill-Safe on board capsized and sank off the Russian Far East island of Sakhalin when it ran into a storm while being towed, and 51 of the crew were unaccounted for, Russian news agencies have reported. Fourteen crew members were rescued alive from the 'Kolskaya' jack-up rig, operated by Russian exploration company Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka, two bodies were recovered and the rest of the crew were missing.

Officials are saying the rig capsized at about 0200 GMT on Sunday around 200 km off the coast of Sakhalin as it was being towed from the eastern peninsula of Kamchatka. It appeared that the vessel had not been doing drilling work, so no oil spill was likely. The rig's destination was not immediately clear.

Tragic Drill Rig Crash

A 55 year old Nathalie man died atDrill-Safe the scene of a single vehicle crash which occurred in Charlotte County Sunday evening around 6:30 p.m. Randy J. Hunt, the owner of Randy J. Hunt’s Well Drilling and Pump Service of Brookneal, was operating a 1985 crane-car well drilling rig when it ran off the right shoulder of State Route 615, about one tenth mile east of State Route 701. The rig overturned. Hunt was wearing his seatbelt, according to State Police reports.

Auger entanglement kills a man in Aspen

Drill-Safe On Thursday August 11th, a worker was entangled in augers and lost his life before anyone was able to stop the drill. It was less than a minute before someone stopped the rotation of the drill string by shutting it down at the generator. Drill-Safe extends its support for the family and co-workers suffering this tragic loss. We also hope that the investigation is thorough and that the results encourage the drilling industry to do as much as possible to consider safety at all times in all situations.

Sub surface Investigation Qualification Course

This sub surface investigation qualification course, held by the National Drilling Association, is offered anually at the National Drilling Association Convention.

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Drilling Rig Fire Due to High AOFP, High Pressure Formation
Geotechnical Auger Misses 24" Crude Pipe line
Roloc Bell Separates from Winch Line
Counterfeit training certificates a growing concern
Instrument Tubing Failure
Pressurized Spray Bottle Hose Release
Hydraulic Operated Master Valve Failure
Injury During a Truck Bed Loading Procedure
Uncontrolled Flow Back Occurs Due to Needle Valve Leak in Fracturing Assembly
Horizontal Well Blowout
Wireline Control Valve Tips Over Onto Worker
Working Safely with Silica
Explosion and Flash Fire Caused by a Controller Box Failure
Worker Caught Between Unmanned Seismic Track Drill and Truck
Worker Fatality Due To Inadequate Barrier on Sand-Line Drum
Worker Fingers Crushed By Dump Bailer Landing Plate
Cargo Securement Changes to Unmarked Cargo Tiedowns
Worker Suffers Severe Burn to Foot
Compressor Engine Fire from Equipment Failure
Worker Injured by Falling Diving Board
Combustion Occurs While Draining In-Service Storage Tanks
Short Circuit in Connector Assembly Causes H2S Gas Leak
Worker Burned by Propane Fire
Workers Hand Caught Between the Sheave and the Deadline
Workers Hand Caught Between Shank Blocks
Worker Fatally Injured During Pumpjack Maintenance
Sour Gas Leak from Casing Line Failure
Electric Heater Overheats Due to Static Build-up
Overturn of a Freestanding Mobile Double Service Rig
Workers Hand Partially Amputated From Contacting Fan Blade
Drilling Rig Proportional Brake Fails
Truck Operator Trapped in Vacuum Truck Tank
Dropped Bottom Hole Assembly Strikes Worker
Worker Injured Servicing Coil Reel Drive Chain and Rotating Joint
H2S Incidents Expose Need for Improved Hazard Management
Slips Catch on Service Rig Floor Injuring Worker
Worker Crushed While Unloading Hydrovac Truck

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Fatality following excavation collapse
Hydraulic Fluid Injection into finger and hand following hydraulic oil leak on a drilling rig
Fatality in off-loading drill pipe in Australia

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BDA Audit for drilling operations

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Two drillers suffer severe burns after fire


NEWFOUNDLAND - A fire broke on a exploration drilling rig at Duck Pond Mine in Newfoundland, around 11 am on Friday morning. The two men were rushed to hospital for treatment of severe burns. One man was sent to a hospital in Grand-Falls, Windsor, being released after a one night stay. The other man, recieving much more serious burns, is being treated at Health Science Center in St. Johns.

All other exploration drilling rigs have been shut down at the mine for further investigation, the health & safety of employees comes first and they don't want to have repeat incidents. Though this accident happened off of the mine site, it was still on the Duck Pond Mine property.

Wyoming man falls down 200' mine shaft


RENO, NEVADA - A father of five, Devon Westenskow, only 28 years young, falls down an abandoned mine shaft suffering head and body injuries. Attempts to save him were made but ended after being called unsafe.

Rescuers did everything they could to save the young man, but the unstable shaft threatened rescuers with falling rocks and debris when they were being lowered on rescue attempts. A video camera was later lowered and the man showed signs of breathing, his last rites were given on Friday and he passed later that day.

Devon resided from Evanston, Wyoming, worked for a geothermal drilling company and went exploring with his friends on Wednesday, off hours, and fell down this roughly 200` abandoned mine shaft.

Nevada has over 50,000 identified hazardous abandoned mine shafts, and this was not one of them. The importance of sealing these abandoned shafts is for the safety and well being of other humans, animals and the earth itself.

Rescue underway after oil rig explodes in Gulf



NEW ORLEANS - An offshore petroleum rig exploded and was burning Friday in the Gulf of Mexico about 130 kilometres south of Vermilion Bay. The U.S. Coast Guard says no one was killed in the explosion, which was reported by a commercial helicopter flying over the site around 10 a.m. All 13 people aboard the rig have been accounted for, with one injury. The extent of the injury was not immediately known but the person had been airlifted for treatment.

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Chevron finishes drilling well off Newfoundland

The Associated Press


ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Chevron says it has finished drilling Canada's deepest ever exploration well off Newfoundland without any safety incidents. The well made national headlines as drilling began in May in 2,600 metres of water. Provincial politicians were on the defensive as the project went ahead despite an oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Safety warning for exploratory drilling

Safety solutions media - AUS


SafeWork SA is urging the mining industry to review safety procedures for exploratory drilling after a worker was injured on the Yorke Peninsula

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International Association of Drilling Contractors

Comprehensive safety alert bulletin with archived alerts dating back to 1998.

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Be on your Guard

Ground Engineering (GE) Magazine - U.K.

This article describes how to keep guards compliant with HSE regulations.

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A Design for Living

Ground Engineering (GE) Magazine - U.K.

This article outlines the challenges faced by geotechnical drilling contractors implementing guards.

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Work Safe Alberta

Safe Operating Procedures for Seismic Drilling

This article outlines the challenges faced by geotechnical drilling contractors implementing gaurds.

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Drilling Safety - a Consultant's View

Golder Associates Ltd.

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Entanglement Report

September 28th, 1992

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The "Grieves Guard"

Auger Guarding System

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